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Parameter automation not working in Touch Mode

This is using Reaper but since Cabbage is built using JUCE I’d assume this is an issue in all hosts:

Automation of parameters is not correctly recorded if the automation mode is set to Touch instead of Latch; the slider/rotary knob keeps jumping to the value it had prior to the beginning of the drag gesture. This leads to a jagged automation line that jumps back and forth between the original and target value.

This happens will all Cabbage instruments I tried so I don’t think it’s related to any particular .csd.

You mentioned in a previous post that you are using 2.3.0? Can you try using the latest beta package from here? Just click the Drop link to download.

I just checked here and I don’t see any issues, but I’ve not used that type of automation before, so perhaps I’m missing the point…

I just tried the new version and it’s still not working.

I took a quick peek at the code and I wonder if the issue is related to this:

In CabbagePluginEditor::sliderValueChanged you call beginChangeGesture and endChangeGesture every time the slider is moved instead of only at the beginning and the end of the drag. You do have the sequence implemented correctly in GenericCabbageEditor.

That looks like a good call. I’ll fix this tomorrow when I get a chance. Thanks for taking the time to dig a little deeper. I appreciate it.

I’ve pushed through a fix for this. I’ve yet to test it, but I took the GenericCabbageEditor code as a basis for it, should it should work. New version will be available here shortly.

Great, it’s working now! Thanks for fixing so quickly.