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Parameters reset when re-loading the plugin


I use the latest preset system with “presetbutton”.

When I select a preset, change the values of the parameters, save the project in Ableton or FL Studio, and re-load my project, the plugin resets its parameters and they are set to the preset one (so the parameters change are lost).

How can I change this behaviour and make sure the changes are taken into account (without saving the preset of course)?


That’s a bug. Thanks for reporting, I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

Hi @nymano :slight_smile: I can’t recreate the problem you describe here. When I open an instrument preset, tweak the parameters, and save the session, the next time I open the preset value is back to the default, BUT the parameters are all the same as when I saved the session. I guess the preset should show the last selected preset, but if I recall correctly I had some problem setting this without overwriting the session state. It’s a chicken and egg scenario. I use this pretty rough, one-size-fits-all .csd to test these things.

CabbagePluginEffect.csd (5.6 KB)

Would you mind testing this is the current beta version of Cabbage. I made some changes since your last pro build, so perhaps the issue has already been addressed, if so I’ll trigger a new pro build for you.

Hi Rory,

Sorry for taking several days to try it - I still struggle finding a nice balance between everything in my life, especially my day job :smiley:

But I want to fix it for my current users so I tried the csv file provided with my current version of cabbage, I didn’t test the current beta version yet though

In confirm it doesn’t work as expected, cf the video attached

It’s working with the latest beta version! An updated pro build would fix it for me :slight_smile:


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