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Parametric EQ Problem

I’m trying to create a parametric eq for kick implementing the pareq

I already created the GUI gui

I’ve tried to implement it combining it with the gain demo plugin but i cannot figure it out.

This is the one i’m trying to make
RedSkullKickOne.csd (4.2 KB)

Since it didn’t work i also tried with a more basic implementation but i still don’t know what i’m doing wrong.
test2.csd (1.4 KB)

Thank you in advance

Although ampdb is technically an opcode, it must be used like a function, so you will need to use a = with it:

kRawLowGain chnget "LowGain"
kLowGain = ampdb(kRawLowGain)
kLowQ chnget "LowQ"
kLowFreq chnget "LowFreq"

kRawTopGain chnget "TopGain"
kTopGain = ampdb(kRawTopGain)
kTopQ chnget "TopQ"
kTopFreq chnget "TopFreq"

I didn’t have time to actually test this, but the changes above fix the errors…

Thank you man! i’ve managed to make it work and i’ve already implemented a a couple of changes in order to upgrade it

I’ll leave a copy if someone is needing for some inspiration
RedSkullKickOne.csd (5.6 KB)


Glad you got this figured out! I’ll have to give this a shot with some proper input and output, just have laptop speakers at the moment. Thanks for sharing it!

FYI: The images weren’t packaged with it. If you wanted it to distribute it with GUI intact, it takes a little trickery. I think there are a few ways to do this, but to be honest I haven’t played around with those enough (yet) myself.

Yeah bundle is handy for this. You don’t have to keep thinking about what files to package with your plugin. Note that this works best for OSX because the plugin is already contained within a bundle. On Windows it generates a unique folder and places everything in it, but it’s not as tidy.

Thanks for the info! i was placing the files manually in my AU plugin every time.

Another small one: to create the windows version i have to copy the file to a windows machine and compile it with a win copy of cabbage or there’s another way to do it directly from mac?

That’s correct. I had floated the idea of creating a github repo for instruments that would auto-build binaries for each OS. I might still do it. It would be a nice way to generate plugins for each platform. Just push your instruments to github and catch the binaries out the other end :rofl:

Nice idea! Also i have another suggestion: i’ve read about the plugin manufacturer and why you didn’t integrate it in the editable parameters but if i may suggest it would be preferable instead to let the manufacturer free to edit and add a custom mandatory “info button” gui element that opens a popup with “This plugin is created with: Cabbage” .
For sure since i’m using it for making my own plugins i want to support the Cabbage project and spread the word but not being able to put my plugin under my name limits a bit too much the diffusion of it’s use imho. In my specific plugin case i would like for sure to have an infobox (customizable in background and font color) or also a line of text at the bottom. I hope my suggestion helps improve the awareness of this great framework. Thanks!

You can add this kind of think already. Check out the About box in the Tonez synth. You can also use an info panel, as shown in this plugin. The two ?s on the top right on the plugin window toggle an info screen to appear.

The reason is I can’t. The VST SDK doesn’t allow it be changed at runtime. It’s written to the plugin binary. So they only way around this is to either build your own version of Cabbage, where you change the source code, or purchase a ‘pro’ version which replace all mention of Cabbage and CabbageAudio with your own manufacturer details.

I’m happy to help you find a way of sharing info with your plugin users. There are quite a few options already.