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Pitch bend and Mod wheel

Hey Rory,

I’m using pchbend for pitch bend and ctrl7 for the Mod wheel and these work fine in Cabbage. However in the DAW they don’t work at all for me. Nothing happens when I move them. Is there something I should do differently for the DAW or any thing I should check?

Hmm, this is the first time I’ve heard of this problem. So when you use your Cabbage plugin in a DAW, it doesn’t react at all to the pitchbend wheel? I don’t have access to a MIDI keyboard right now, but perhaps you could add a csoundoutput to your instrument, and add the following code:

kstatus, kchan, kdata1, kdata2 midiin
k1 changed kstatus
k2 changed kchan
k3 changed kdata1
k4 changed kdata2
if((k1==1)||(k2==1)||(k3==1)||(k4==1)) then
printks "Value:%d ChanNo:%d CtrlNo:%d\n" , 0, kdata2, kchan, kdata1   

At least this way we can see what, if any, MIDI messages are coming through. Might be good to try this in Cabbage, and then again in a DAW just to compare.

Ok tried in cabbage first:

Mod wheel in cabbage:
Value changes between 0 and 127 as expected
ChanNo is 1
CtrlNo is 1

PitchBend in cabbage:
Value changes as so: 0-64(midpoint)-127
CtrlNo: Constantly changing seemingly random numbers between 0 and 127

Will try in DAW now with csoundoutput

Thanks for the help!

In the DAW there is no output messages when using pitchbend or modwheel. There is only output to the console thing when notes are played on the keyboard.

After testing with another controller, It seems that it works fine with that. I guess it’s not a code issue. Hmmm gonna have to troubleshoot that tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the update. Good to know the problem lies elsewhere, although that’s not much use to you!