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Pitch tracking

Hi :slight_smile:

I am using the pitch opcode to track the pitch of real-time audio. When I play the piano and see the printed frequencies, they have a limited range. For example, when I play both C3 and C4, the tracked frequencies are similar around 500Hz, which is closer to C5. Most of the time the results are not stable enough. How should I set up the parameters to print the exact frequency of each note (in the right octave)?

Thank you!

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Chen Liu

I haven’t ever used the pitch opcode, but it seems that it has parameters for setting the min and max pitch to track? Did you try playing around with those? There are some other pitch tracking opcodes that might yield better results. ptrack looks by far the simplest. And there is also the pitchamdf opcode, written by Peter Neubäcker who went on the develop Melodyne. That might be worth looking at too.

The pitchamdf is really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Happy new year!

Likewise, I wish you a good one!

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