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Pithc slider skip

hello, i saw here a post about a problem with the pitch, the knob skip to 0, it does not goes smooth when its getting close to 0 it skip or jump to 0 , i read how to fix it, but i cant find that post now that i want to read it.

Can you post a little code example with the issue?

JMDrum_Module-3_final.csd (47.4 KB)

in this .csd fille it also happen, its not mine, its someone else that post it here in this forum a long time,its a re make of some examples from cabbage, some way of coding its old, i use it to practice how to code some stuff, i could not make the loop on samples stop ,also that pitch skip and also the position where the pitch start its odd, i did not post the code, its too large and since i dont know where its the problem i just attach the .csd

Rather than posting 600 lines of code, can you try to reproduce the problem in a simple example?

You need to change the skew of the widget. Change the range-identifier on the pitch-knobs from this:

range(0.5, 2, 1, 0.1)

To this:
range(0.5, 2, 1, 1, 0.001)

That should fix it :+1:

More info on the range-section here:

Nicely spotted!

yesss sir, it fixed the problem!, thanx a lot

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