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Plans to migrate to JUCE 6?

JUCE 6 will land in June. Do you have any plan to upgrade Cabbage to JUCE6, and adopt Cmake as done for JUCE itself?

Good question. I have a basic CMake build working in one of my own branches, but haven’t pushed it through yet as all of my online builds are done with the current build system. I have a license for JUCE5, so that might keep me with that version for now. Of course version 6 is also GPL, but there are a few Cabbage pro users who are stuck with JUCE5 for the time being and I don’t want to leave them behind.

Apart from the integrated CMake stuff, it looks like they are finally getting around to addressing some of the MIDI issues Steinberg introduced in VST3. When they have reasonable solutions to those issues I might go ahead and move to JUCE6. FWIW, there is nothing stopping you or anyone else building from source to use JUCE6 already. I imagine you might get a few build errors due to deprecated code, but they are usually easy to fix. If you do, let me know how it goes, especially the Cmake stuff :wink:

Thanks for the reply @rorywalsh :wink:
Just a curiosity, if you don’t mind: what is a “Cabbage pro user”? :slight_smile:

These are users who are selling plugins they created with Cabbage. The pro license lets them sell their plugins without sharing their Csound code. Apart from that it’s basically the exact same as the GPL version.

I didn’t know Cabbage offered a commercial license. Is there an online page for it?

No, marketing skills suck! But there is a sticky on the forum about it. It only developed out of interest from one or two users who didn’t want to be giving away their algorithms with each of their plugins. There is some nice stuff out there created with Cabbage.

Nice to know! I’m quite new to Cabbage, I want to take some confidence with it but I think the project is worth a hand on this side… In case I will decide to spend more time on it I could land you a hand to improve the Cabbage site, marketing and related stuff.

Always happy to have help!