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Please explain this to me

So I just learned some Faust, built a synth and also just discovered cabbage. So now basically I’ve decided to export my Faust code in the web IDE for Csound. But I get a “.dylib” file instead of a “.csd” file. What exactly is the difference between the two and how do I make my creation workable in cabbage?

Cabbage has nothing to do with the web IDE of Csound? Sorry, I’m fairly well versed on most things to do with Csound, but I’ve no idea how Faust works with the Csound online IDE. Have you tried asking on the Csound list?

IIRC dylib is the macos version of a dynamic library. So you’re basically using the Faust live webide to export as a csound opcode, and not a csound csd file. Faust generates a C++ set of files and this is compiled into a library that gets loaded by whichever target environment it is transpiled to. This is true for pure data, vsts, etc

If you have compiled and installed a local version of Faust, you can do all this on the command line instead of using the live web ide.