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Please help me to understand how to install last Csound

Linux Mint 19.02 Cinnamom x64 bionic

Hi, I would like to install the last csound 6.13, but in this page I find only csound 6.10.deb …

Is there one way to install the 6.13 or find the .deb for this version?

And I would like to install the last version of cabbage, but first I need to install git and juce right?
Is there one detailed guide to install all?


to build csound from sources on Debian based distros:

To build cabbage from sources:

You need git, some compiler (build-essentials package?) that can be found in repositories; Juce (Projucer) must be downloaded and then rebuild.

@vallste thanks for your reply!
I need some help for building csound at the first point:

Edit, as root, /etc/apt/sources.list and ensure that each line beginning with deb has another line below it that is identical except that deb is replaced with deb-src . Then run sudo apt-get update .

… and this is my sources.list file:

#deb cdrom:[Linux Mint 19.2 _Tina_ - Release amd64 20190729]/ bionic contrib main non-free

what should I do?

thanks again…

Dont know mint but seems you have only the cdrom as repository, try this for the online ones:

Dont remember if its mandatory to edit the source list to include src repositories you could try without that step.

You may not have to edit that sources list. It depends on whether build-dep step fails or not. What happens when you run build-dep?