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Please teach me how to use the vocoder!

I’m both a fast and slow learner just teach me how to use this Csound software (IDE) and do it.
I just want to change my formant synthesis with the vocoder and make chords and melodies with it. I think I understand Cabbage but not really… can’t even get a single sine wave to sound so please help the noob (Me).

Is Cabbage even An IDE? It’s a front-end for one thing, right?

Hi @Michael_Sparks. Welcome to the forum.

Yeah, it’s an IDE in the sense that you can develop Csound based software with it. There is a vocoder example that ships with Cabbage, but if you’re having problems with a basic instrument it’s probably best to address those.

In general, the best way to get answers to questions is to post the actual code that is failing. Otherwise we have no idea what’s going on. Also, if you’re posting code, please format it before posting. You can use the </> button in the text editor :+1:

The vocoder is too quiet… which line of code do I modify?
I can’t take the vocoder to it’s formidable potential… any tutorials?

Does the ‘Level’ dial not give you enough amplification?

I notice that something seems to have gone wrong with colouring of the combobox drop-down menus. You can just delete the fontColour() and colour() instructions to make the text visible again.

As per me Csound isn’t an IDE but a powerful audio programming language and synthesis system. Cabbage serves as a graphical front-end for Csound, making it easier to work with by providing a visual interface. To start, yourself with Csound’s basics, focusing on writing and compiling .orc and .sco files to generate sounds. Use Cabbage to experiment with simple components like sine wave oscillators, adjusting parameters to understand their impact on sound output.