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PM synth

Hi all,
here is a PM synth and a few presets.
You need Cabbage 2 latest version possible and Csound 6.10
Comments and feed back are welcome
Enjoy. (389.1 KB)

Hi all,

This is a new version of the PM synth.
The interface is based on Knobman and the engine includes self modulation.
Also, you will find a few presets.
please enjoy.
Feed back is welcome. (2.6 MB)

Wow, this is a beast of a synth! Very nice presets. You might want to replace, where you can, all k-rate envelopes for audio rate ones. Also, I would remove the printing of all text to the console for a release as it can sometimes causes unwanted pops. I look forward to playing with this some more.

Thank you Rory,
Indeed it is very easy to do. I will replace k-rate envelope by audio ones and still need to clean the debugging comments. Should be able to post final version by the end of this week… With some extra presets… Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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