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PNG Images exporting in MAC

I builded a simple project with my own GUI and used PNG´s for the sliders. Everything is showing well in the Cabbage editor, I exported as AU and VST and works/sound´s perfect in Ableton but my images do not appear.

I moved the PNG´s to the vst folder “library/Audio/vst…” like in PC but dind´t work.

In what folder should I leave the images files?


They should go into the VST bundle. If you right-lcik on the VST and select “Show Package Contents”. Then open the Contents folder. You can drop your image there into the same folder as the .csd file. Then they should load Ok.

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Thanks for your fast reply @rorywalsh! works perfect now :slight_smile:

You could also use the bundle identifier, which will cause Cabbage to export all the files you need when it creates the plugin.

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Great to know it! Thanks!