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Popup Plant Behind Main Window

Whats up everyone!

I am using a popup plant for a “settings” menu for a standalone I’m developing in cabbage. It seems I am unable to make it so the popup plant window shows up over top of the main window, it is locked to always be arranged behind the main window. Is there any way to change this so it pops up in front of the main window?


Ah, popup plants, how did you find out about those pesky critters :rofl:

This is one of the main reasons I discourage the use of them. On top of that, they can a nightmare within a host too. Any chance you can simply show your plant over the current window? I’ve seen this done to good affect before. Something like this, where everything stays within the main window:

Of course I’m just showing an image of the Cabbage settings dialogue, but the same approach would work in your case…