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Possible feature request and Potential bug report

Hi fellow Cabbagers! I have a small feature request, as well as a latching audio issue that could potentially be a general bug to fix. I am using the latest Cabbage release Version 2.7.14 on macOS Big Sur Version 11.4.

While browsing Cabbage File Examples to explore factory sounds, I opened multiple tabs of different synth instruments for a quicker auditioning workflow. I was wondering if there is a setting to have only one instrument tab playing audio at a time, so that any other inactive tabs that are currently left on Play are automatically stopped? Like how CsoundQt stops other csd instrument tabs from continuing to play audio when playing back one active csd instrument tab.

The main issue I’ve observed is that my MIDI controller can still trigger the audio from a Play-enabled instrument tab which I have closed (without clicking its Stop button beforehand). I’ve also closed its corresponding GUI widget window, so something must be latching. As a result, my MIDI keyboard ends up triggering multiple instruments in the midst of my browsing, which in involuntary.

The solution for Cabbage so far is to quit and restart the app to clear the audio for a closed instrument, which I’ve repeated a few times during my browsing. “Restart Audio Device” doesn’t stop the closed instrument tabs from playing audio.

Any permanent solution or troubleshooting tips?

Thanks for reading

Hi @Tchen, welcome to the forum!

Not currently. But you can open the Cabbage patcher and manage all connections there. This graph is tied to every instrument you have enabled by hitting play. Closing a tab won’t stop a instrument. Hitting ‘stop’ before closing a tab will. When working with the graph it’s important to be able to open and close instrument code without stopping performance. You really have to think of instruments in Cabbage, like plugins in Live, because this is exactly what they are, instances of plugins. When you close a plugin window in a DAW, it doesn’t mean the plugin will stop producing audio.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s very much part of the fabric of Cabbage.