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Possible to see .orc files in browser?

Nothing urgent - just a matter of convenience when working with lots of #includes
The Cabbage browser only shows .csd files, right?

Good call. I just pushed this change to git. New build should be available shortly in Azure.

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I’ve been working on using include files as well, but I’ve been using another text editor to edit them, if only to avoid cmd-s, which will try to execute the saved file. Will cabbage save these files without trying to run them? Or will other file extensions cause cabbage to just save the file? And I’m curious what extensions others are using on their include files? I’ve been using “csdx”, if only to differentiate them from regular “csd” files.

Cabbage will only try to compile files with a .csd extension.

I think I also tried this the other day - including another Cabbage .csd just to see if the widgets would load. I only tried it briefly and got an error (which makes sense I guess). My intent though was to be able to define widgets in an include file w/o cabbageCreate. So maybe just the tags would do it? I will try it again now…