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Preset loading

Hey Rory, I’m using the.snaps method to store and recall presets and it’s working fine apart from that when I load a preset, the knobs and sliders etc don’t move to the correct positions (it changes the variable values but not the physical position of the knobs etc)

This means that if I load then tweak a preset and save again it saves incorrectly because it writes the over the unchanged sliders and knobs with their current position rather than the loaded value.

I’m guessing I can overcome this issue by sending loaded values to the widgets as soon as a preset gets loaded. (Identchannel?)

What might be the simplest way for me to implement something like this?

They should move to the correct values. Can you post a simple example so I can take a look, or confirm that the preset example doesn’t work.

The preset system is pretty basic and works well for simple things. If you need more features you might look at building your own system similar to how @T0NIT0RMX did for his ToneZ

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Will try the example now thanks!

I am having the same problem with the preset example. The knobs don’t move to the position of the loaded preset in that either. It loads the values but not the knob positions. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Version 2.1.04 64bit

Ps. I’ll look at TONIT0RMX’s ToneZ but I do like the simplicity of the basic cabbage .snaps

Hmm, seems to be working fine here, or have I misunderstood the issue?

No you haven’t misunderstood that’s exactly it. Hmmm strange that isn’t working for me. I’m doing exactly as you are in the preset example but the knobs don’t change when a preset is loaded.

Hold on i’ll triple check it to be sure

Just checked it twice. Doing exactly as you are in the video the knobs do not move when I load a patch like they do for you.

Version 2.1.04 64bit windows (if that has anything to do with it)

Do you have a valid audio device selected?

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Yes (well all sound is working correctly)

When I load a preset where the attack has been changed. It prints the change due to “printk2 chnget:k(“att”)” so the value is definitely changing but just that the knob isn’t moving to that value once the preset is loaded.

How bizarre. How about:

  1. When you hover over the sliders do they show the correct value, or the incorrect one?
  2. If you minimize the plugin window and maximize it again does it make a difference?
  3. Doss the same thing happen if you export the instrument and load it in a DAW like Reaper or Live?
  4. What’s the location of your file? Windows seems to be getting a little more strict lately in terms of allowing programs to modify files that are not in the usual user Documents folders.
  5. Try standing on one leg. Then shout Cabbage loudly 3 times in quick succession before executing a perfect pirouette to a location no more than 2 metres from where you were originally standing.

If that last step doesn’t work, then we really are dealing with a monster of a problem :joy:

haha! :smile:

will try those things now!

Oh my god it works perfectly in the DAW!!!

That’s perfect, just what I needed :slight_smile:

Does that mean it should work properly in any DAW for example if I distributed a plugin?

Thanks so much for the help! Cabbage is so awesome!

Yeah, it should work fine in any DAW. I’m curious to know why it didn’t work in Cabbage though. Can you try using the same audio settings in Cabbage as in your host and let me know if that works?

It won’t work in cabbage for me no matter what audio settings I choose :confused: Hmmmm

Ahh. It seems to work in cabbage when I set the audio buffer very high!

EDIT: It seems to work on any buffer setting now that I have changed the buffer once.

And now it works on any audio device settings at all ever since I changed that buffer setting

I’m glad it’s all working now. Should make developing the plugins that bit easier. In the meantime I’ll see if I can figure why it was happening.

Brilliant thanks for all of the help!

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