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Presets are not removed in 2.9.98

Hello. I have installed one of the latest version (2.9.98). I´ve found that since I´ve installed this version presets are not removed from the preset list when they are deleted. When I hit “remove” the order is changed in the list but they are not removed. I attach a simple instrument with presets.

presets.csd (1007 Bytes) presets.snaps (575 Bytes)

Yeah, that’s a bug. I’ll take a look tomorrow. Have you thought about using the new preset button instead? I think it might be a little simpler.

Ok thank you.
I should take a look to the new system, maybe it´s that I’m used to the previous preset system and it was working

I fully intend to fix it. :slight_smile: But the newer system seems to add a little more in terms of functionality, but there is no reason to change if you found the last one works well. I’ll let you know when I have a fix for this.

This should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve triggered a new build which should be ready for testing shortly. :+1:

Thank you for fixing it, I´ve tested and it´s working fine again.
By the way… is Cabbage 3 near? The number “2.9.99” made me think it was close…maybe the 3 nines in the version number hehe

It’s probably overdo, but I’m not sure it will happen soon. I’m looking at providing a way of generate UIs using JS/HTML, and I’m also considering swapping out the current editor for the VS Code editor, which is far far superior on every level. Those updates might warrant a version 3 :wink:


Vs code editor would be a very nice feature. A friend recommended that I use it to practice C and I’ve been trying it out, I use for learning C. It looks very interesting.

I’m talking about the actual editor component rather than the full program. The editor is open source but as it’s not written in C++ would be a bit tricky to embed into cabbage. But I think it might be worth the effort. The code editor I use in Cabbage, which comes from the JUCE library is really quite awful in comparison. :disappointed:

I understand how it would work, It would be a good improvement.

I have been testing version 2.9.100 more extensively and have encountered some issues related to using presets with an instrument that relies on samples. When presets are saved with different names (e.g., 1, 2, 3), each containing distinct samples, deleting the last one in the list causes the sound of the remaining preset at the bottom of the list to change to the audio file that was deleted.
Another issue I noticed is that when saving a preset without any audio file loaded, it mistakenly associates the preset with the audio file that one of the other presets had loaded. Also saving presets with names containing letters results in them being associated with the wrong audio file, which is not the one intended. However, if the presets are saved with numbers, this particular issue doesn’t occur, although the problem I mentioned earlier still persists. Also sometimes it just does not save the preset with the chosen file.
I’ve attached a simple instrument that loads audio files and experiences those issues. This instrument was originally created with version 2.9.53, and none of these problems were present in that version.

Load audio.csd (1.9 KB)

Thanks @Alejo, I’ll take a look :+1:

I’ve just triggered a new build. It’s passing my simple, but not very extnsive tests here. Can you give it a shot? This is a side-effect of some internal changes I made to how presets are managed. The code is easier to maintain now, but there were one or two unforeseen consequences. Thanks for you patience :slight_smile:

I´m on a windows machine and I was not able to download the windows installer. I can’t seem to find the tab that says “1 artifact,” which is needed to download the installer. Both Mac and Linux versions have this tab available." I see a warning message that says [warning]Directory ‘D:\a\1\a’ is empty. Nothing will be added to build artifact ‘Installers’.

Oh, maybe something is stopping the Windows build from completing. I’ll take a look…

Hello, and thank you for the correction. I’ve tried the new version 2.9.102 with the fixes, and it’s working much better. The only remaining issue compared to version 2.9.53 is when a preset is saved without uploading an audio file to create an ‘Empty’ or ‘Init’ preset. The problem is that when reloading that preset, the Soundfiler’s waveform displays one of the other presets’ waveforms (if there are any). In reality, the screen should be empty, displaying the message ‘No audio file loaded,’ since it was saved without a file. In this case, the file only appears on the Soundfiler screen but not in the table. When a key is pressed, as expected, the console shows an error message stating that the file cannot be found. This issue did not occur in the previous version I was using, 2.9.53.

That build has succeeded now, but it still might not address the last issue you mentioned. We’ll have to test it.

[edit] I’m looking into this now…

I just triggered a new build with these fixes :+1:

Great, thank you. I will test the new build tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

I have been testing version 2.9.103, and now presets works as expected, just like it did in version 2.9.53. Thanks for addressing these issues. I think that the option to upload audio directly from the soundfiler menu opens up many possibilities for instrument design.

Thanks for letting me know @Alejo :+1: