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Presets crashing Cabbage and save has stopped responding

Morning @rorywalsh, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news all the time :heart_eyes: but for some reason one of my patches now crashes when changing presets. Further to this when I delete the .snaps file (thinking maybe it’s corrupt) and hit save, a new .snaps file isn’t created. It’s like the functionality has stopped.

The patch uses a custom plant that generates much of the gui (it’s a type of step sequencer). Is it related in any way to this? To test, I commented out the plant code leaving a few sliders, still no joy. So I created a fresh file and pasted the code from the original, and that had the same problem. It’s like it’s dirty!

To re-iterate, the presets worked fine before the latest build.


Hi @boonier_due, I can’t recreate the issue here, can I ask you to PM me the files so I can run them through the debugger here?

sure man, one sec…

I think I’ve spotted the problem. Btw, have you been testing these imported plant instruments in DAWs?

No mainly in the patcher

Fixed. I’m going to publish a new public release today because I’m anxious that others don’t get caught out with those issues. I’ll let you know when it’s cooked.

Wowzas. thanks dude. What was it? (and was there something up with the files I sent you?)

When dealing with imported plants, Cabbage creates a temp file to run through Csound that contains all the bits and pieces from the plant xml. This was causing some issues with paths to preset files. I think it should be ok now. Can you try one and let me know.

Seems to be working for me @rorywalsh, thank you. Has actually highlight a bug in my code - when switching presets it seems that buttons fire out a value, which is getting picked up by the change opcode and triggering the randomise function, is that the case normally? (changed2 seems to fix this, though need to do more testing) Is is possible to lock parameters from snapshots currently?

changed2 should be used everywhere instead of changed. It not possible to prevent parameters from being updated with snapshots. If you really are planning on using presets in a big way, you would have better control using your own system as @T0NIT0RMX did for his ToneZ synth. It’s more work, but gives you far more flexibility in the end.

Hokedoke. Sounds good to me!