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Presets not working with widgetarrays


I’ve just overhauled a Csound project by implementing the super helpful widgetarrays. However, now the presets don’t work fully. The presets will correctly update the values of any widgets created manually in the Cabbage section, but the presets won’t update the values of the widgets created by widgetarrays. When I look at the .snaps file the correct values of all the widgets are recorded, but Cabbage doesn’t apply the values to the widgetarray widgets. Is this intentional?

Note that after I overhauled my project with widgetarrays I recreated the old presets and saved them again, so I don’t think the problem is that the presets are referring to the old, now-deleted widgets.


Sounds like an oversight on my part. Let me look into it.

That would be great. Thanks!

I’m looking into this. It’s not as cost cut as I thought. I’ll need to ask for a little more trying to get it working :+1:

Thanks for working on it. This feature would be a huge help.

I think I have this sorted now. You can check it out in the latest dev build, which is currently still building, but it should be ready soon.

I just tested this in the new build, and it’s working great. Thank you very much!

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