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Preview of dynamic table shaper in cabbage

Hey folks, the code for this isn’t QUITE perfect yet, but it’s getting pretty close… I made this video example to show to another developer, and figured I’d share here too.

This will be an easily importable widget that allows realtime re-shaping of an f-table. I use this same widget in a waveshaping distortion effect, as a table generator for oscillators, and more… the goal is to keep it dynamic and flexible.

As always, I’m open to any feedback and suggestions!

Looks great, but I can’t hear anything?

Sorry, but there wasn’t any audio routed. I could/should have, but this was originally made just to be an example of the dynamic GUI elements to show Steven. The topic came up discussing the possibility of something similar for Blue in it’s slack channel.

I can make another version in a little bit crunching on some beats.wav or fox.wav :wink:

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