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Printsk vs. printks

I just wanted to give a rundown of something that wasted some more of my troubleshooting time.

I had added a couple of widget callbacks with a printsk call for tracing. Everything appeared to be fine, until the second time I tried to run the patch, when cabbage would crash.

This is where I wasted about an hour and a half trying to track down the problem. And then you add that I had to stop work in the middle, only to forget about the calls to printsk…

Anyway, I remembered once having a conversation with Rory about these print statements. And so when I switched the call to use printks, everything ran fine on all runs.

I don’t know the history of these particular opcodes, but early on I learned to use the opcode that causes cabbage to crash, so now I’ve got to unlearn that, and I hope this post helps me remember, and you too avoid this issue.

Had anyone else experienced this? Rory, do you remember talking about this? It was maybe two months ago?

Anyway, don’t fall into this pit and waste your time trying to figure this out…

I’ve been down this road too. Nowadays I use printf for most things. It works well with he trigger output of the cabbageGet opcodes.

Btw, I don’t think I’ve ever used printsk…