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Problem displaying keyboard on latest beta

Updating to beta 2.8.103 the keyboard gives me these display problems. Even downgrading to version 2.8 the problem remains unchanged. how can i solve?

Schermata 2022-02-23 alle 10.13.42

Thanks Cippo, I did some work with the keyboard widget in the last week. Can you give me a simple example of it not displaying correctly. When I create a new instrument it seems to do display just fine.

Thanks to you Rory, it works in a strange way, in my synth it is as if the keys are compressed on the left. In the example the widget just can’t be seen

Thanks, I’ve fixed this issue now. I recently added a keyWidthScale() identifier which was causing the keyWidth to change in a way it shouldn’t. I also added some new identifiers to the keyboard widget. I’ll announce them in due course, just want to make sure they are ready first :+1: