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Problem with Export as Stand Alone Application on 2.9

Hello Rory,

Everyone at Berklee is totally loving Cabbage. THANKS for this amazing work and all the work you do to teach with it and support it. Incredible and incredibly important.

When choosing to “Export as a Stand Alone Application”, my students and I have been having problems with version 2.9 and the (nightly builds too). For some reason, they do not work on macOS (M1 running Sonoma 14.1 or previous macOS on any of our M1 or M2 Macs.

We have no problem if we “Export” using version 2.8 of Cabbage on the very same MacBooks.

We have followed all your ‘codesigning’ advice, but that does not seem to fix the problem.

We all want to use the latest, but, for now, we are all installing and running 3 versions - 2.8, 2.9 and the latest nightly build.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


Thank @Dr_Richard_Boulanger, I’ve pushed a fix to the dev branch. You can grab the latest builds in the usual place. Let me know how it goes :crossed_fingers:

It worked! My students were thrilled - and so was I. Thanks again. What I did notice however was that it did not appear to use your awesome CabbageHeadPhones Icon. And so, at first glance, it looks like it is not a M1 compatible app. Hope this is an easy fix.

It should be Richard leave it with me :slight_smile: