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Problem with images in buttons

Hi there,
When I add an image on a button, I end up with multiple instance of “img” in the code, for example :

button bounds(260, 109, 60, 17) text("", "") imgfile("On", "../../../../../../../media/michel/MesDatas/data/05. musique/2019/csound/cabbage/imgs/sq_0_on.png")imgfile("On", "../../../../../../../media/michel/MesDatas/data/05. musique/2019/csound/cabbage/imgs/sq_0_on.png")imgfile("Off", "imgs/sq_0_on.png") imgfile("On", "../../../../../../../media/michel/MesDatas/data/05. musique/2019/csound/cabbage/imgs/sq_0_on.png")imgfile("Off", "imgs/sq_0_on.png")

After cleaning up, it doesn’t appear anymore as long as I don’t change the image
I use the master branch on Ubuntu 19.04

Hope it helps…

Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look. I don’t think I’ve ever added an image this way :rofl:

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