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Problems accessing latest builds on Azure

Hi Rory, hope all well. I’m having issues accessing the artefacts for the latest builds. Is this a known problem?


They changed the layout and structure of the project page. But I updated the sticky on the main forum page to show how to get access to them. Are you having a problem finding them, or downloading them?

I must be being a bit special, but I can’t find any builds here

Just says build not found when I click on the commit

If you click on that it will bring you to another page that should give you access to the artifacts? Or? Perhaps it only works when I’m logged in. I’ll log out now and see if I can access the builds…

[edit] it seems something is up here. I’ve filed a ticket with the Azure devs. I’ll let you know when I know more.

Cheers @rorywalsh any response from the dudes?

Yes, but only to say they see that there is an issue and they are looking into it. I can access them though. I’ll post a look to them a little later so you can try them out.

ahh right, thanks :slight_smile:

Here you go. This zip contains installers for Windows, MacOS, and an experimental .deb installers for Linux.

Thanks, but that link seems to take me to the Cabbage Github repo :smiley: was that intentional?

Nope! I’ve updated the link. Sorry about that.

Hah nice cheers got it

Just realised that I need to login using my Microsoft account to access the artifacts. Azure ui sucks a bit though - took a while for me to figure out where to click. That said I’m a bit of a dummy sometimes!

You shouldn’t need to login in as I set them as public. They’re still looking into it. I agree with you, the UI sucks.

[edit] btw, I push some fixes for the node->editor problem you reported yesterday. Let me know if they work :wink:

huh…ok weird. I’ll try again.

sweet thanks, look forward to giving it a whirl. The macOS build looks like it cancelled for some reason

Weird. I just restarted it now. Hopefully it gets through this time…

you’re right it does work. Told you I was a dummy :stuck_out_tongue:

image :worried:

Wtf is going on with Azure :rage: It’s really starting to annoy me now…I’ll try pushing some changes to the dev branch and hopefully that will trigger a new build. FWIW, I get the same error here

If it’s any consolation, Buildkite is rubbish sometimes too (also affectionately known as Buildshite)

:rofl: Azure used to be just fine. I guess at some point I’ll try out Github actions. But I spent a lot of work getting everything up and running with Azure. :roll_eyes: