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Produce VST3

I’m able to produce a VST plugin instrument which works well in my DAW Ardour, but the plugin appears to be a VST2.x. How can I produce au VST3 plugin ? The menu don’t have this option (Export plugin > Export as VST Synth Plugin). I’m using Cabbage 2.9 with Ubuntu 22.04.

[Info]: Scanning: /home/thierry/MusicWorkspace/Cabbage/Instr/Synth/Flute1/
Resetting csound ...
csound = 0x(nil)
initAllCsoundChannels (ValueTree cabbageData) ...
csound = 0x0x560c6bf73eb0
handle = 0x0x560c6bf8e7a0
initAllCsoundChannels (ValueTree cabbageData) - done
[Info]: Found Plugin: 'def1' Flute1
[Info]: Touch cachefile: set mtime = 1696624066 (2023-10-06 22:27:46), plugin mtime = 1693511539 (2023-08-31 21:52:19)
<VST2Cache version="1" binary="/home/thierry/MusicWorkspace/Cabbage/Instr/Synth/Flute1/" arch="x86_64">
  <VST2Info id="828794212" name="Flute1" creator="CabbageAudio" category="Instrument" version="" n_inputs="2" n_outputs="2" n_midi_inputs="1" n_midi_outputs="1" is_instrument="1" can_process_replace="1" has_editor="1">
[Info]: Saved VST2 plugin cache to /home/thierry/.cache/ardour7/vst/1f0869fec7851e475b21632f07fb6a81c778262e-x64.v2i

Thank you.

VST3 export is not supported at the moment, but mostly because I don’t know any Linux hosts that don’t support VST2.4. That and the fact that VST3 is no better than VST2.4, in fact, many would argue it’s a worse standard. Why the need for it? I can add it, it’s not a big deal, but it will be a week or 2 before I’m behind a Linux machine again.

There are a few posts on the forum that talk about VST3. I was afraid of missing something. VST2.4 is ok, it’s work well with Ardour.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

You’re not missing anything :slight_smile: