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Property values not saved during editing (Arch Linux)

This is Cabbage compiled from the ArchLinux AUR package. It corresponds to git commit f5c4499abe2b9fb5ac2e4a52a0e6fd551f0c798b.

Here’s a video of what happens:

Note that as I’m pressing return to save the values I’m putting in the channel fields, the values aren’t being inserted into the source code. I spoke with Rory on Slack and he mentioned removing the strange bounds(...) line at the top of the file, but this made no difference.

I experience this too, also in Arch using the git package. I mostly use an external editor, so it doesn’t cause that much trouble for me, but I do see the same behavior.

Hi guys. Sorry for the delay in replying, but this looks like an issue that only appears on Arch. I can’t reproduce it with any Debian based distros. I don’t have enough space on any of my PCs to install Arch, but I can set try create a virtual image on my OSX box and see if I can recreate the issue. I need to investigate the channel issues anyway.

@spinnylights I still haven’t got around to merging your PR. I will as soon as things quieten down a little in work.

Which Debian distros, specifically? The reason I ask is that if they’re based on Debian stable, then they’re likely to have packages significantly older than Arch (as Arch tends to be bleeding edge).

The other thing is that Arch packages are typically as vanilla as possible, with no patching if it can possibly be avoided. It may be that there’s a Debian patch masking a real issue somewhere.

I generally tend you use LTS versions, so yeah, there could be some issue with packaging. I should get more or an opportunity to look into this tomorrow.

Arch on VM is a pain. I’m going to see if I can free up a bit of space on another machine for this.

[edit] That didn’t go so well, I just managed to nuke the contents of my entire laptop :joy: That’s what I get for taking shortcuts. At least now it should be relatively quick to install Arch on it!

[edit2] seems an internet connection is required for this to install properly. I didn’t think there were any flavors of Linux left that don’t provide installers! But the more I read about the project the more I like it!

Hehe! They took minimalism as far as eliminating the installer.

Thanks for looking into this. Actually destroying and creating a new OS install on real hardware is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Absolutely, thanks a lot!

It’s technically possible to install Arch without an internet connection by downloading the necessary packages from another computer, although since Arch is a rolling release distro you’ll definitely want a consistent internet connection while using it. It can be a bit of a bother getting wifi set up at first, so if I’m working with a laptop I usually like to go through the install process with a wired connection and set up wifi afterwards, if that’s possible for you.

I love Arch, at this point I couldn’t imagine using a computer without it :joy: Let me know if you run into any trouble—I’ve installed and set it up lots of times on a variety of different machines so I can probably help. It goes pretty fast once you’re used to it.

I managed to restore my Windows partition. :wink: But I did lose my Xubuntu partition which is Ok as it’s easy to setup again. Right now I’m having problems getting grub running again. It’s a trip. As familiar as I am with the command line, I can’t wait to get to the point of having a Arch desktop environment!

I’m all set up. I now have two linux distros and Windows is loading properly again. Now I just have to set up my Arch build env. I hope I don’t hit any problems there. I’m using CLion for most of my Linux development at the moment…

AURs are pretty cool!

I’m all set up now. After all of that all I can do is confirm that there is an issue here. Not sure why it onlt shows on Arch, but I’ll dig into it tomorrow.

I’m glad we’re not just imagining it! :smile:

I’ve updated JUCE in Cabbage and this issue seems to have been resolved. Looks like it might have been the results of some bug in JUCE that has now been addressed. Of course in moving to JUCE 5.3.2 I introduced a few other areas that need attention. But at least it’s a start.