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Proposed change to plugin behaviour in DAWs (key-mapping)

It seems that many DAWs have their own key mappings between the ASCII and MIDI keyboard. This causes some issues. For example Ableton Live uses the letter A to drive C3, whereas FL studio uses a different key mapping. @T0NIT0RMX has proposed that I remove default key mappings when instruments are loaded in a DAW. Therefore the the DAW takes control. I’m Ok with these change. For me it makes sense to let the DAW handle key presses from the ASCII keyboard. If no one else objects I’ll go ahead and make the change.

[edit] the other alternative is to have Cabbage check which DAW the plugin is loaded in, and then use the same mappings. I’m also happy to do this, if you guys can provide me with the default mappings across a range of DAWs…

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First option would be good, if the DAW is capable (FL, LMMS) Reaper for example seems not able to handle it

The 2nd option seems even better !
How can we find the mapping in our daw ?

I was going to say the first idea was better. I don’t see a lot of user shared files on here, so I can’t imagine being able to build up one for user DAW mappings.
I’m not sure I see an issue either way, but it just seems the first idea would be better for the end-user?

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The first idea would certainly be easier to implement. And I’m not sure where we would get mappings for a range of hosts.

Reaper can handle keypress, but only if you open the virtual MIDI keyboard. Live automatically concerts keypresses to MIDI note. I’m not sure about the other, but I assume it’s standard across DAWs at this point.

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Alright for Reaper, I didn’t know it enough sorry

In FL for example, when you press the ‘Y’ key you have a different note depending if you are focus on the Cabbage piano widget or not.
This note differ from more than 1 octave and the most problematic thing is that what you play the ‘I’ note focusing the Cabbage widget, it doesn’t produce sound, but FL take the control and produce a high pitched note…

The result of this is a constant inconsistency wether the user is focusing the Cabbage widget or not.

After testing some other plugins from other brands, I figured out that when they have a keyboard, it only rely on the host key mapping to avoid any issue like the inconsistencies between 2 DAW so to me it’s a +1 for the solution to remove the Cabbage plugin keyboard mapping when the plug-in is used in a host

I’d like some other plug-in devs to give their opinion on the subject ?

I’d like to hear from @chronopolis on this as it will affect any future plugins they release…

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