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Hey Everyone:
Cabbage doesn’t seem to recognize pvstrace as an opcode? Anyone else have this problem (and perhaps a solution to get it working)?

Hi Jon. Is this an issue with Cabbage or Csound? Cabbage might not highlight it as an opcode, but it should still function just fine. If it didn’t, Csound would report an error message. Or are you getting a Csound error? I’m between a book and a glass of wine right now, but I can check tomorrow if pvstrace is on the list of opcodes to highlight :+1:

It’s just an issue with highlighting, it works as an opcode.

Here’s a list of opcodes that aren’t being highlighted:

FLslidBnkGetHandle K35_hpf K35_lpf OSCbundle OSCcount OSCinitM OSCraw OSCsend_lo S a allpole ampmidicurve apoleparams arduinoRead arduinoStart arduinoStop balance2 beadsynt beosc bob bpf bpfcos cbrt chngeta chngeti chngetk chngetks chngets chnseta chnseti chnsetk chnsetks chnsets cmp cntCreate cntCycles cntRead cntReset cntState count count_i dct dctinv deinterleave diode_ladder dot faustdsp faustplay fmanal fmax fmin fmod ftaudio ftexists ftom ftprint ftset ftslice ftslicei getftargs getrowlin gtf hilbert2 hypot i interleave k lag lagud lastcycle limit1 lincos linlin loscil3phs loscilphs lpcanal lpcfilter lufs metro2 mfb midiarp midichannelaftertouch midicontrolchange midiout_i midipolyaftertouch midiprogramchange moogvcf mtof mton nstrstr ntof ntom nxtpow2 p pchtom pows printarray println printsk pvsbandwidth pvscfs pvslpc pvstrace randc reshapearray resonbnk rndseed sc_lag sc_lagud sc_phasor sc_trig schedulek select slicearray_i sorta sortd squinewave sterrain string2array strstrip tab2array tabrowlin trighold trigphasor trim trim_i tvconv vps websocket xyscale zdf_1pole zdf_1pole_mode zdf_2pole zdf_2pole_mode zdf_ladder

Thanks Iain. That saves me a lot of time!


This is fixed now in git. You can access the latest build in Azure. Btw @JonNelson, you might be interested in the recent plugin resize feature. Just add the following to any instrument and you will get automatic resizing capabilities:

combobox bounds(x, y, width, height), mode("resize"), value(3)

I thought of some of your instruments when I was adding this! :laughing:

Hey Rory: Very cool–greatly looking forward to trying out the resizing!

Weird because I distinctly remember having buggy problems with the opcode, where Csound would not crash but sound wouldn’t be passed thru pvstrace. Perhaps I was using it incorrectly.

I did find a workaround with some other opcodes. Might have been pvstencil. It is a nice effect to reduce the gain of the lower-volume partials leaving only the loudest.

I found that I didn’t have the most current Csound running, once I updated and reinstalled pvstrace worked like a charm.