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Question about widows x64 x86

so i bought a new pc to do the dll version of my vst ( note: i dont used windows since windows 7) so its not the same i used to understand ,i i encounter if i export the vst it just show only a little black square instead the whole vst in ableton, this script was the ones i did in my mac, they work perct as oxs vst,vst3 andAU on ableton in my mac and other friends macs too , so i decided to do the dll versión in windows ,some open fine but other missing some stuff, i exported the vst dll version but they open like little square in ableton pc version, so i decided to convert as vst one of the examples from cabbage to compare and they open perfect in the DAW on the pc , then i decided to make 1 from scratch an do a new c sound file and just export it just the way it open just with the keyboard and the script wich cabbage provide to start and this one also open as a little square, so what could be the cause of that understanding that even using a new csound file script it does that???, thanx, note: my vsts open perfect in mac and also the vsts script incabbage mac version open perfect. image|375x500

I hate to be that guy but I am struggling to read this post and keep focus. I would appreciate it if you used shorter sentences and paragraphs to separate things a little more.

I’m just throwing this out there, but is Csound correctly installed on your new computer? I think I remember experiencing something like this on mac when Csound wasn’t installed.

Make sure you have the .csd file and the VST dll in the same folder when you are developing plugins. If not, you get that little square :+1:

thanx roy i will do that.

yeah, its cool, i know, its my translation to english, its not that good, my bad, i will try google translate next time for those words i dont know