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Radiogroup issues

I am creating 2 filters, and you can route oscillators to one of the 2 filters. to do this, i have checkboxes that you can check off for each oscillator, so i put the osc 1 boxes in radiogroups, osc 2 boxes, etc, but when i switch the tabs to go to the other checkbox, the first box doesnt respond, and both of them get stuck checked on. Has anyon else experienced this issue? is it because of the tabs?

Can you post a minimal example?

Sure! radiobug.csd (3.5 KB)

Hi @AveAcsent, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I think our times zones are out of sync!

Your checkboxes have the same radiogroup ID across plants. If you give them different IDs, in the same way you use different channel names it works as expected.

radiobug.csd (3.5 KB)

@rorywalsh are you sure? because im still getting the same issue. when i check both of the osc 1 buttons they get stuck, and the other doesnt uncheck. i want the function of radiogroups with them, where i can only have osc 1 go to filter 1. i feel like doing it this way would introduce issues with the filter

Is that what you are after?

radiobug.csd (3.5 KB)

not exactly. i guess i need to articulate myself better. in the filter section, i want checkboxes to decide what oscillators are routed to that filter. I have 2 filters, so i will have 2 bottons for each osc, totaling 4. What i want is to only be able to enable the oscillator 1 routing to a single filter. For example, i could have filter 1 have osc 1, and 3 routed to it, and have filter 2 have osc 2 and 4 enabled. But i dont want to have only 1 osc per filter, or osillators routed to both filters. I hope i explained that better.

you might have to try again :laughing: Usually at this point @t_grey intervenes with a pretty good understanding of the problem! So you want to be able to send any of the oscillators to either file, but the same oscillator can only be used one per filter? So if osc1 is sent to filter2, it cannot be then sent to filter1 at the same time?

Yes! thats what im after

And the button at the top, they allow you to switch between filter controls? I’m curious as to why you then need 8 osc comboboxes. Aren’t there only ever 4 oscillators?

Am I getting close… :laughing:

Yes. The buttons on the top are tabs. There are two buttons per osc. one to route it to filter 1, and one to route it to filter 2, with the osc 1 routings on the filter 1 page, and the filter 2 routing checkbox’s on the filter 2 tab

I get it. Now to think of a solution. Leave it with me, it’s getting late here, but I will have a look tomorrow. I think you will probably need to code the radio buttons yourself. The logic here will stretch the simple default usage. Two can be ticked for each filter, so they can’t be standard radio buttons. I there should also be only 4 of them in total, not 8.

any amount can be ticked for each filter, but no oscillator should be ticked more than once

So if you ticked the 4 oscillators for filter 1, and switch to filter 2, none will be selected?


Speaking of timezones being out of sync… I’m just sitting down with my morning coffee. :sleeping:

I’ll take a look at the examples and try to parse the thread comments too, see if maybe I can contribute anything more.

Ok… so I’m scratching my head now over here too. I thought this was going to be simple, but now I’m confused.

As I understand it, we’re talking about 4 pairs of radiobuttons, but each pair is split where one is on tab 1, and one is on tab 2.

Here’s an example, that I think should work, but doesn’t. If the same widgets are moved to exist on the same tab, it seems to work… but when they’re split across tabs it doesn’t.

Sorry, I’m probably missing something obvious here.

radiobug.csd (4.1 KB)

I think this does what you’re looking for. No need for any radiogroups here, they won’t work. Note the first thing I would do is wrap all the if changed(kOsc1) == 1 then ... blocks into a UDO. There is a lot of needless repetition of code there…

radiobug.csd (4.9 KB)

I went through all of that last night. It will pass :laughing:

I understand your solution… it seems a bit complicated for what it’s doing, but at least I get what’s going on and the end result looks correct.

But any hints as to why the way I had tried doesn’t work? It seems simple, straight forward, and I’m completely baffled why it’s not working… do radiogroup widgets only update if they’re on/in a visible panel?

@rorywalsh i guess timezones are really out of sync. I just woke up!
Yes thats the intended behavior im after, but it still doesnt make sense to me that the other example wont work. At least we got it working, but that was a hassle. Thanks!

edit:since there are 4 checkboxes, how do i take the output?