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RAM usage of VSTi never stops growing up

Hey Rory,

I’m having serious issue with VSTi plugins made in Cabbage, in term of RAM usage

When I try with the lightest plugin ever (FirstSynth.csd) in the examples, convert it to a VSTi and then load it into LMMS, the RAM usage (of the RemoteVstPlugin, the VST host of LMMS) is around 10Mo wich is pretty normal.

But, when I start playing notes, the RAM usage never stops increasing ! I started a loop with lots of notes playing and I’m now reaching 20Mo of RAM usage, and it doesn’t go lower when I stop playing.

I tried to perform the same test with Synth1 VSTi (free synth) and there is no issue.

Could you please have a look into it ?

Thanks in advance,


I just tried with Live and Reaper and didn’t notice any issues. We did experience some issues with this in the past, but as far as I am aware it’s all sorted now. Could it be an LMMS issue? Did you try other hosts?

Thanks for your quick reply,
I tried with VSTHost and there is no issue.
But in LMMS I tried with Synth1 and there is no issue as I explained, so I don’t really know if it’s an issue of LMMS or/and Cabbage… It may be something in Cabbage’s VSTi that trigger an issue in LMMS, I’m not sure & I don’t really know how to figure it out

You might not always get a good answer, but a quick reply you will get!

It’s hard to say what might be the issue here. Even harder when it doesn’t appear in other hosts. When I see issues like this pop up I usually use the Xcode profiler in OSX to work out what the issue is, but it looks like a Linux/LMMS issue this time around. The FirstSynth.csd you reference couldn’t be any simpler. The fact that VSTHost, and the hosts I’ve tried, don’t show any problems seems to point the blame at LMMS. Do you build LMMS yourself? If so you could try building a debug version of it, along with a debug version of Cabbage. Then run them through a Linux profiler to see what’s leaking memory. I’ve used gprof on Linux before. Although not as user-friendly as the Xcode stuff, it’s still pretty good. I can help you get it going if you like, but I won’t have time to do this myself for another few weeks.

I forgot to mention it but… I am on Windows x64, LMMS x64
I built LMMS myself, at least the version I’m using with the fix of the never ending note problem if you remember.
But I tried in an official release and same issue.
I will have to find a RAM profiler for windows and perform tests (I tried to run LMMS, Cabbage, on Linux without any success)

So yeah definetly, I’d like some help on this ! Would be really nice to you.
And okay don’t worry for the delay ! I will try to find some solutions in the meantime and keep you informed here if I find something useful ! I may also inform the LMMS devs of the problem.

Thanks again !

Does LMMS also run on OSX?

Yes it does !
And VST should be available through Wine, like it is with Linux