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Random Csound crashing in Reaper with Cabbage VST3i

I’m experiencing some strange behaviour of Cabbage instruments (VST3i) in Reaper (at first my own, but I have tried some example csd files as well).

I have a VST3i in the plug-ins folder, I change the corresponding csd file, re-load the VST3i in Reaper, all fine. I then save Reaper file without any changes to the instrument parameters (no touching of widgets), but when I reload Reaper and try to play the instrument, there is a “good chance” the instrument wont play, Csound crashing, and the only way to resurrect the instrument is to load it again (with a new instance). Or, if I close and reopen Reaper, there is a “good chance” it will work again. The “good chance” means 1/5 or so. It seems that if I have Cabbage open, the chance for issues is higher. Sometimes, Reaper won’t start (or it takes very long time). In connection with these Reaper/VSTi quirks I sometimes experienced that the audio won’t come out of the laptop speakers even though the sound level in Reaper was indicating that there was output. Similar for other sound sources. Restart computer needed.

I’m using Macbook Pro M1 with MacOS 12.6.1, Csound 6.18 and Cabbage 2.9.153, Reaper 7.11.

Maybe someone has some ideas what could be happening?
Any suggestions what I should try to find the causes and eliminate this issues?

Hi @Samo. My advice would be to install the latest dev snapshot :+1: I spent the last few weeks grappling with various VST3 issues. This issue might still be present, but I’d rather work from the currnt dev tip when it comes to fixing it. :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks!

I’ll try with the last one. I just did some more tests and it seems it is Cabbage causing troubles. With my old VST I have no issues, but when I use my current Cabbage to build it, I get into troubles. Avery now and then upon reloading the instrument is dead. I though it could be only with instruments using MIDI input but it is also the case with those that don’t. I’ll get back soon.

I am delighted to report that this nasty bug seems to be gone in Cabbage 2.9.193. Thank you Rory for all your work and support!

It would be interesting to get a brief overview of what was the issue, if feasible at all. Anyhow, this made my day :slight_smile:

There were multiple things, but the most prominent issue was to do with how often hosts were calling the prepareToPlay() function. This is a function that appears in almost all plugin SDKs and gets called by the host for various reasons during a session. Typically it is called when the sample rate is changed, or some other plugin state changes.There were multiple things, but the most prominent issue was how often different hosts call this function. In some cases it was causing Csound to be recompiled multiple times in quick succession which was presenting its own issues. Anyhow, that has been sorted now, so hopefully we shouldn’t see any more of these problems.

I have to shout out to @hdale94 and @Kzz for bringing these issues to light in the first place. We did some trojan work in the past two weeks :slight_smile:


Thank you Rory and others for taking such a good care of this garden.

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