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--realtime flag and cabbageSet

Possible bug here
Re the realtime flag - it looks like cabbageSet isn’t functioning with it enabled.

in this case I’m just doing
kxpos = abs(rand(200))
cabbageSet kplaytrig, “PlayMode”, sprintfk(“bounds(%i, 20, 60, 20)”, kxpos)

Thanks Micah. That’s an odd one. On the other hand I am not really sure --realtime actually works, so I guess I better go do some reading. I’ve never used --realtime, but I did suggest you look at it only a few days ago. Looks like I set you up for a fall :laughing:

It’s OK - I mean it’s documented and seems like it should work…
This part makes me think we need to do something to start the init pass?
1. all init-pass operations are also performed asynchronously.

Or perhaps it’s ignoring the thread that cabbageSet is on… don’t really know what I’m talking about so… :laughing:

So the word back from Victor is that this flag won’t help with fout. He suggests it might not be that useful here at all, as it may also cause some init-passes to be held back until they are ready to be called, which may result in some timing issues. He also say that writing to disk with fout will inevitably lead to dropouts at some stage.

Can’t the DAW be used to record the output? Or, can you write the audio to function tables, and only bounce to disk at the end of the operation, so when a user hits stop, write to disk?