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Reaper not exporting sound for tracks with Cabbage plugin effect

Btw, can you trying saving a cabbage patch that has your instrument loaded with an impulse file. Then recall the session and see if the impulse file loads. It does the same thing and a DAW, I’m curious to know if it also fails for you.

I’ve just started a new build here:
When it it down, click the published link and try the drop link for an installer for your platform. When you run a plugin and save it within the host, Cabbage will also save a text file in the same folder as your csd file. That new file that contains the data the host got. Check it for a filename, there should be one there.

Awesome, thank you. I should have spare time to run these tests on Sunday.

Alas, I couldn’t find time to spare on that Sunday but there’s some good news:

I downloaded the new build and Reaper is exporting it fine without freezing and it seems to be remembering the impulse response when I reopen a session

Cubase on the other hand still has problems remembering the impulse response when I reopen a session even tho the textSessionData.txt file is logging the file path and it doesn’t get erased when I save the session that failed to re-load the file

Edit: Cubase actually erases the file location on the text file when I reopen a session

Thanks, I’ll take a look and see if I can recreate the problem here. On Windows it works fine for me. I’ll fire up my mac at some point tomorrow if I have time and take a look.