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Recommended audio content locations? OSX / Windows

I’m trying to figure out the best place to store sample libraries on OSX and Windows. On OSX it seems like most manufacturers put content in /Library/ Application Support. On Windows - from what I can tell - most manufacturers put content in a folder next to the app in ProgramFiles (Ableton, Renoise, Output) But what if you don’t have a stand-alone app, but a plug-in produced by cabbage? Certainly you wouldn’t put it in the VST folder. AppData seems reserved for preferences, bookmarks, etc but not weighty sound content. Should I just put it in Program Files in a folder even though there’s no .exe? Any other suggestions?

hi, i use Users/Public/Documents folder on win and User/Shared on Mac. you dont need any special permissions to install files there.

Thanks for the tip. I don’t see any other manufactures content in Users/Shared. Do you know of any that install full sound libraries there?

I’ve noticed Izotope places audio content in Users/Public/Documents on Windows so I also think that is a good place to store them :+1:

On Windows I would use the ProgramData folder for storing samples but I would use AppData/Roaming for preferences, presets and anything else that will need to be writeable by the user. AppData/Roaming is specifically for user data that can be copied and transferred to another PC.