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Recommended way to use an external editor?


I am working on a new VST (after a first successful release!!)
This time, I’d like to use an external editor (VS Code) because there are so many lines of codes.

What’s the best way to use it with Cabbage? Can I auto-refresh the files content in Cabbage directly?

Thank you!

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Congrats on the release, do you might want to share a link to it?

I use CsoundQT before adding the GUI and such or as long the cabbage opcodes aren’t used. It is quite helpful with the opcodes and syntax.

If you enable the ‘auto-load from disk’ menu option after you load your instrument, all subsequent changes you make to the file in your preferred editor will be automatically picked up.

FYI Steven Yi made a Csound language plugin for VS Code a while back that is helpful.

Sorry for the late reply, I was pretty busy with my day job (no time for music and for plugin development :frowning: )

Here it is!

It is a transient shaper with an EQ Focus feature to target transients of specific frequences. If you’re interested in how it’s done I can share with you some resources :slight_smile:

Nice, for my previous plugin I used csound in Python but it wasn’t as smooth as Cabbage. I might try CsoundQT as well.

Thanks Rory, I’m going to try it!

I’m already using for Python/Csound development, it’s really nice!

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