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Record and play button in cabbage patcher

What does these buttons do? I tried them out and they didn’t seem to do anything, I was expecting them to maybe record my midi notes or knob movements, and then play them back, or record to an audio file I could save, but I don’t see any of that functionality.

Ah, yes, that kind of functionality you can add yourself with your own instruments. Cabbage instruments can be notified of any changes to the state of a DAW’s transport controls through reserved channels. You could use these to build an entire Cabbage based DAW with modular components. :+1:

I did give some consideration to adding native ways of recording audio and MIDI, but decided it was too much work for too little gain.

So what do the buttons do right now?

The simply broadcast information to any plugins that are loaded to the graph, both Cabbage, and third party.