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Red, Rebol, Csound, and Cabbage?

I was just wondering if any of you have heard Red which is based off Rebol? I just found it a couple of days ago and it looks promising to me, but it’s at an alpha stage. I just started getting into Csound and Cabbage, but if I was wondering if I do pick it up, how might I best use it with Cabbage.

I really like Cabbage and would love to contribute to it, but I also find Red is also looking pretty good. I was just wondering in one of those crazy scenarios what Cabbage might look like if it were written in Red/Rebol?

Edit: I think it goes without saying how sweet a Red Cabbage would be … I’m sorry I meant Cabbage Red. hahaha

I came across it before but never gave it much attention. There seems to be so many languages appearing over the past few years but I’ve yet to see one that can seriously take on C++ in term of scope.

If you want to do some things with red the best would be to write a Csound wrapper for it. You can check out the other wrappers here:

The more language wrappers the better :wink:

And it seems I’ve been though every one of them, but don’t remember this. They do have some lofty goals, but they have a ways to go. I’ve heard that “one language to rule them all” before, but it’s the easiest I’ve used so to date.

Thanks for the links and I will check them out.