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Referencing Error/No Audio

Hi all!

Very new to Cabbage/Csound and desperately lost on why I can’t get audio…every time I run a patch I get these two errors (see image), audio settings are correct.

Apparently I didn’t need to install Csound first and then install Cabbage (since it has its own version), so I saw somewhere online that might be causing a referencing error? I would delete the original version of Csound and just uninstall/reinstall Cabbage, but I can’t figure out how to delete the raw version of Csound.

Any help on uninstalling Csound or just getting this to work in the easiest/quickest way possible is much appreciated!

There doesn’t seem to be any issues with the output you posted apart from some opcodes causing warnings. Do you get sounds when you try any of the examples? Try some of the synths as you will only get sounds from the effects if you have a mic or some way of sending audio to them.

Alternatively, send your .csd fiel and I can take a look at that to see if that’s the issue. :wink:

I wasn’t getting sound from any synths, clicking on the keyboard widgets, nothing.

I finally figured out how to delete every single file associated with the raw version of Csound, Jack, and Cabbage. Then reinstalled Jack and Cabbage (in that order) and things seem to be working. I should mention I’m on Catalina so I’m guessing it’s some stupid thing Catalina is doing to interfere with permissions or something.

Will let you know if it suddenly stops working again! (That happened before…)

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