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Refreshing non-snaps comboboxes after restore

Regular comboboxes(“Item 1”, etc.) are not being added to dirtyControls in setParameter. So their channels are being set but this then is not being represented in the GUI. I think I’ve managed to fix that.

Unless there’s a particular reason why you check for comboxes instead of (filetype==snaps). (?)

I’ve just forked your repo Rory, so I’ll make pull requests if I find something else I can fix with my (very, very) limited skills.


RefreshRegularCombo.txt (936 Bytes)

Note that I’m not working from the audiounit branch. I branched off before Christmas to address some AudioUnit development and I’ve not had the time to merge back since. There is a reason why I don’t add them to the dirtyControls array. Doing so causes problems with hosts whereby a combo box that is changed, will notify the host and then the host will notify the plugin editor and you end up with a weird feedback loop going on. That’s the trickiest thing about this project. Things usually work fine when working in standalone mode, but bring an instrument into a host and all sorts of strange can happen. I’m going to try your earlier changes now and see how they work out.