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Regression in Patcher?

On macOS when I save a Cabbage patcher, quit Cabbage and restart and open the .cabbage file I get this

Like a generic plugin is created. The plugin is there in the same location in the patcher, just not instantiated. Is it losing references to the src files?

Could have sworn this was working last October, maybe I’m imagining it!


Thanks. On request from another user I tried to make all paths relative so that users can share patches. I thought I had it working Ok, but it seems there are still some issues with it. Sorry about that. I’ll try to sort it out asap.

I’m having difficulty trying to reproduce the issues your seeing there? The patches save and open fine for me?

[edit] I can reproduce it when I save the patch file in a different location to the .csd files…

Bizarro ok it works. Maybe I’d done something like add the csd files in a funny way…That said, when I open the cabbage patch all the plugins show, but when I double click the plugin, it opens another tab for the code, even though the tab is still open from the previous session. So there are two duplicate tabs. Hence, it maybe that I added a plugin csd with an old dirty reference. Does that make sense?

Is there a way to check that a tab is already open for a selected plugin so there is only ever one source of truth?

also, if I deselect the restore option in settings and reload Cabbage, no tabs are restored, then I open the patch file, and all the csds for the plugins present in the patcher are loaded. But when I double click, a new tab still opens with another instance of the csd

I think I’m going around in circles here. I made some changes, made some more, changed some things, etc, and then went to push my changes to the repo. Git told me no changes were made :rofl: So I must have ended up, by accident, right back where I started :roll_eyes: There is definitely something strange going on. I’m not sure if older patches will open Ok.

I’ll check the tabs issues, I thought that was also fixed, but I’m not surprised you’ve hit an issue as it was never thoroughly tested.

you and me both, I’ve had one of those days!