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Request for - Export plugin as Note Effect option

Requesting the option of exporting a plugin as a “Note Effect” or “MIDI Effect”. Currently there is only the option of exporting as an “Plugin Effect” or “Plugin Synth”. I noticed that Bitwig has a device category of “Note Effect” which is more in line with the project I’m working on, whereas if I export as a “Plugin Effect” it shows up as an “Audio Effect” which is not technically correct for my project. Any possibilities of having this as an option in a future release? I know that JUCE has a MIDI effect option which should be the same.

A VST synth can act like a MIDI effect. Take a look at the MIDI Arp Simple example. And take note of the CsOptions, that’s what turns it into a note effect. :+1:

I have these settings shown below in place, which I believe are the same as the Arp example. It works as a MIDI effect, however, wondering if there is somewhere that an identifier might exist to say that it is a MIDI effect, just as if I export as a synth it will show up as a synthesizer rather than an audio effect. The image is of the device options in Bitwig. On the lower left there are the three categories shown. For all I know this may be a Bitwig designation as I haven’t used many other DAWs.

<CsOptions> -dm0 -n -+rtmidi=NULL -M0 -Q0 --midi-key=4 --midi-velocity=5 </CsOptions>

Also, is it preferred to post this sort of question on Github?

You’ll get a quicker response here than on github to be fair :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at how these labels are designated. Live doesn’t differentiate as far as I can tell. Now Reaper. Are all the plugins listed under Note FX Bitwig devices?

Yes, these are all Bitwig devices. I haven’t tried finding non-Bitwig ones to test yet to see how they show up. I was wondering if the plugin characteristic in JUCE may do it. I haven’t used JUCE, but was trying to learn it until I found cabbage (much easier BTW!! :slightly_smiling_face:).

Awesome, I’ll bring questions here. It probably shows up for Google searches better anyway in helping build a knowledge base.

If you find a non Bitwig plugin that shows as a Note FX let me know. Not much point in spending time on this unless we know that non Bitwig Note FX are supported.

Will do!

As of yet, I have not found another that shows up as a MIDI effect, so it probably is just a Bitwig thing. Cthulu which is probably one of the most well known MIDI effect plugins shows up as an instrument. I figure if it’s fine for them, it’s alright for me :slightly_smiling_face:

And if it’s alright with you, it’s fine with me :wink: