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Rhodes fork

Hi guys. Im new at Cabbage. I’m trying to get a rhodes like sound using barmodel opcode. My goal is to reproduce the tines and tonebar from a real rhodes.

Thing is I think sounds pretty similar, but can figure out the way to change the bar dimensions to control pitch. I’m currently using scan frequency for pitch. Any suggestion? BTW what do you think about this demo?

In the built-in example: Examples-Instruments-Physical Modelling-BarModel, one of the presets is called ‘Rhodes’. This is not terribly close in sound to the example, it’s more of a bell-like Rhodes with the pickups set further away from the tines. In the audio example you posted I think the pickups are closer. Anyway, the Cabbage example uses bar stiffness to control pitch - you can see how note numbers map to different stiffness values. I don’t think that the opcode offers any way of changing the dimensions of the bar. Tonally the opcode is quite limited so I don’t think you could get the ‘honky’ sound of the SoundCloud example, you’d probably have to code something more from scratch.

Thanks!!! The sound example i posted was made with barmodel actually. I used a very low stiffness and a huge hammer speed. But i feel it’s more a hack than using model properly.

Wow, I’m impressed! If it’s a hack, keep hacking!

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Hi there,
I am very impressed with what you did with the Rhodes emulation. Is it possible to send me the patch file?