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Rotate pivots in guiMode queue

Setting pivot points with the rotate identifier in guiMode("queue") seems to have no effect. In the video below you can see the correct behaviour of a square rotated about its centre using the classic identChannel method versus the guiMode("queue") behaviour:

Here’s the guiMode version CSD:
rotateGuiModeQueue.csd (528 Bytes)

Yeah, there seems to be a problem when passing the arguments as variables, if you construct a string it works Ok:

cabbageSet k(1),"Box",sprintfk("rotate(%d, %d, %d)",kAng*2*$M_PI,iPivotX,iPivotY)

but that’s not great. I’ll take a look…

Fixed but I think there might be problems with other identifiers that take multiple arguments when used in this way… :thinking:

I wasn’t expecting that as I have been using size() and bounds() this way and without issue.

They are catered for already. But I imagine there are a few rogue identifiers in the wild that just haven’t been found yet…