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Saving table data to .snaps

Hey @rorywalsh ,

Pretty sure we’ve discussed this before but what’s the best way to save table data alongside regular .snaps presets? Is there a straightforward way?

I guess I will need to use cabbageSaveState and Recall functions but is there any way to tie this in with the current .snaps system?

EDIT: I suppose I could use the saved state index and then recall it from a custom value in the .snaps JSON? :roll_eyes:

EDIT: or perhaps invisible widgets that follow the table’s values and update the table on recall? :dizzy_face:

This is how I’d go about it. You should be able to tie it into the current preset system. You just need to set the preset channel and then monitor changes to it. Let me know if you get stuck. I know other Cabbage users who have this working in plugins they distribute, but I’ve no real idea how they did it :thinking:

hmmm… I tried the monitor the presets combobox but it doesn’t seem to return a changed state

Are you still using the old preset system? Hmm, the new presetbutton definitely responds to preset changes.

I’ll take a look and see what’s going on with the older system. I guess for now you could do this with a hidden slider that pulls up the corresponding data?