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$SCREEN_WIDTH expansion bug

Finally tracked this one down: :joy:

Does not work:
image pos(0, 0), size($SCREEN_WIDTH, $SCREEN_HEIGHT)

image pos(0, 0), size( $SCREEN_WIDTH, $SCREEN_HEIGHT)

Thanks for this. I’ll take a look when I get back to work. Just taking it easy for a few days!

Sounds good, I’ve temporarily worked around it with the extra space for now… Want me to throw it in the github buglist so it doesn’t get forgotten?

You’ve a better chance of it getting attention here than on github issues, which I rarely ever look at…

Fair enough.

I had also recently opened a minor syntax bug over on github too. I found it when fixing up some of my really old instruments. Don’t know if you saw it yet, but I didn’t test extensively (without macros :rofl:) since it was an easy fix on my end too:

I have this fixed now in the dev branch. A new build should be available to try out shortly.

With regards to the other issue, I’m not sure it is a bug? There has never been support for '.'s between identifiers. It makes sense it might break parsing because a full stop typically indicates the end of a section of text. Although I have not programmed it to behave this way it does seem rather obvious to me?

I didn’t expect it to be “supported” per-se, but if it’s not intended to do anything I think it seems strange to have it behave the way it does. It’s right next to the “,” so it’s easily triggered on accident, and looks similar so it’s also easily overlooked when troubleshooting.

I’m not really too concerned if you consider it behaving as expected tho. It just felt like a bug to me.

Awesome, thanks! I’m done for the day, but I’ll grab a new build and test it tomorrow.