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Shut down when saving while code running

Just built 2.5.0 master from sources (Juce 5.4.7 on Debian 10), found a little problem:
First time a save code Gui show up and everything is good.
If I save while gui is active and code is playing (play button on tab) Cabbage close.
If I close the gui and stop the code I can save again without having unwanted shutdown (crash?) of Cabbage.

Can you build from the latest dev branch? Looks like I forgot to push a fix for that back into the master branch. Sorry, about that.

Alternatively, pull from master again. I just fixed that issue.

Just bulit master (last commit is 1h ago " Update CabbagePluginEditor.cpp") but the problem is still present

Hmm, can you try the dev branch? It’s not far from master at this stage and has the fix for that issue. At least I’m almost certain it has. I’m using the latest tip here without any issues…

Just tried develop (build interrupted at building cabbageLite but cabbage got built) but problem is still there, tomorrow I’ll try to clean files in the system directories and try again.
I don’t exclude the problem is in my machine (lxde desktop enviroment)

Wow, I’m seeing this myself now too. It hangs as soon as Cabbage tries to run Csound. 2.4.0 should still run. Sorry about this. I’ll try to sort it asap.

Should be good to go now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The fix is in dev, but I’ll merge with master tomorrow.

Things are getting strange…

  • I’ve removed the cabbage files from my system (by the way is there already a script somewhere to remove them automatically?);
  • develop pulled this morning does not build (juce errors on linking vst stuff);
  • master pulled yesterday evening builds (some warnings about deprecated functions), the save problem is gone.
    Seems you already fixed this yesterday
    Big thank you

Maybe elves came and fixed the master branch during the night? :laughing:

The dev branch should build, but you will need the latest Csound build as it uses a new Csound API method in it. Also, there shouldn’t be any JUCE errors so long as you use 5.4.7? Anyhow, you’re up and running now, maybe you should just enjoy it and leave building again for another day!

Damn elves!!! :laughing:
Csound 6.14 and juce 5.4.7, as long as it works I’m fine; I’ll leave building aside for a while.
Thank you again Rory