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Signaldisplay zoom min/max?

hi there! I’ve been playing around with the signaldisplay widget a little (but evidently not enough), and I’m wondering if there’s a certain range of values for the zoom argument. Also, is there some significance to the min/max values if they exist? For example, if the maximum zoom is meant to display only one full cycle of a waveform played at a certain frequency?


No, it’s more a rough guide to how many samples are displayed on screen. A value of 2 will show half the number of samples of a value of 1. I would need to look over the source code to give you more info that that. I know a value of -1 will disable the zoom buttons.

Are you trying to display a single cycle of a waveform to gives user an idea of the shape of the current output? I would just use a gentable for that. If that’s something you’re trying to do let me know and I can prepare a quick demo.

thanks for your reply, rory - your short explanation helped me understand the widget more.

I am in fact trying to display a single cycle of a waveform in signaldisplay - however, I also want to show how the waveform evolves over time, so I’m not sure if gentable could do that (unless it actually can!).

gentable all the way in this case :smile: Check out the SimpleTable csd in the Misc examples. That should get you started :wink:

oh! Thanks for the example. It seems that maybe if I create some kind of metro+trigger thing then I can make the table update automatically at a defined rate… I’ll look into it! Thanks again :blush: