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Small bug in IDE when undo-ing comment

On macOS, when I comment a line out, and want to undo that action, the cursor jumps to the end of the csd code (but does undo the commenting).

Yes, that’s 100% annoying! Agreed. I’ll sort it.

Awesome. Also related to adding comments - with the shortcut (cmd+/) on the mac, sometimes trying to uncomment adds another level of comment…

;;schedulek(1.3, 0, -1, 7.59)

depending on where you apply it and then uncomment it. Sort of hard to explain. It might have something to do with whitespacing not being uniform?


No need to explain, this one has been lurking around for a while as well. I’ll be more than glad to sort them as they do my head in too.

These issues are fixed now. I’m starting to regret trying to use a single command to do both commenting and un-commenting! :laughing: